The Incredible Adventure Awaits

The Jamboree will start with the Opening Ceremony on July 12th, 2020 and will last until July 20th. Our Youth Programme will contain 10 programme modules; the International Day, the Inter-Religious Ceremony, Spiritual Development Zone and many more activities rooted in the life of the Caribbean Jamboree. 

Additionally, we are going to have a complementary programme designed for the International Service Team. 

Our concept of the main programme modules includes 4 off-site modules and 6 on-site modules. Educational activities to be carried out as part of our modules will be supported by public benefit organizations, academic clubs and other NGOs supporting our objectives. 

Meanwhile, the off-site modules are to be supported by the local communities in order to give a positive impulse to the region and to let Scouts and Guides discover and explore the amazing history and culture of the Caribbean and Trinidad and Tobago in particular.

Programme Modules will include the following:

  • 3 Adventure Centers—includes aquatics, shooting sports, rock climbing, sailing, kayaking, biking, horseback riding, dragon boating, scuba, and more. 
  • High Adventure Challenge
  • STEM Zone
  • Diversity and Multiculturalism
  • Sports Zone
  • International Scouting Exchange
  • Messengers of Peace - Service Day
  • Pioneer Trek 
  • Sustainable Development Zone


The Incredible Adventure Awaits

Adventure Valley

Our Adventure Valley takes you to the northern valley of Santa Cruz. Here you will have the opportunity to explore trails, zip line and participate in shooting sports. 

Aquatic Adventure

Get ready for the Big Splash in the Caribbean. Our Aquatic Adventure offers a range of exciting water activities from kayaking to sailing. 

Base Adventure

At the Jamboree Base a full day of exciting adventurous activities awaits you - horseback riding, geocaching, STEM Zone and more. 


At the Jamboree we have a series exciting High Adventure Challenges for you to participate in. From our Pioneer Trek to hiking explorations, we promise an experience you will always remember. 

Big Shows

It's a Cultural Celebration on stage at the Jamboree. CariJam will bring the rich cultural heritage of the Caribbean together and our local and regional troops will put on a show for you!

Sports Zone

Our Sports Zone will have a series of recreational sporting activities for you to participate in and meet your fellow scouts from across the region and world.